The only complete range of products for all tests performed in the blood group serology laboratory: The revolutionary and original Gel Test ID-System, microplate techniques, conventional techniques.
Customized total solutions including dedicated instrumentation and software.
Platelet Serology & Platelet Function
HPA1a Typing Assay and ID-PaGIA Heparin/PF4 Antibody Test (HIT2).
Tests for PNH, Sickle cell, control blood for cell counters.
Parasitology & Infectious Diseases
Tropical disease tests Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Trypanosomiasis and others, infectious diseases tests.
Individual rapid test system, Gel test ID-PaGIA
including dedicated instrumentation.
Dedicated instruments and automates for blood group serology.
Wide choice of application - Immunobase Teaching software, VIP support for antibody identification, MAESTRO Mastersoft for automates.
Material Safety Data Sheets
We have implemented the requirements of EU RL 91/155 concerning the classification, packaging and labeling of dangerous preparations. Further information can be obtained from your distributor.
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