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When an alloantibody specificity is suspected or defined in either a donor or a patient's blood sample, the red cells should be tested with an appropriate antiserum to confirm lack of the corresponding antigen. Specific antigen negative blood may be required for crossmatching prior to transfusion to a recipient with a known alloantibody. Typing of paternal or fetal/neonatal antigens on red cells can also be an important procedure in assessing and monitoring risk in an allo-immunised pregnancy. Bio-Rad ID-Test sera for use by indirect antiglobulin test (IAT) with the ID-Card LISS/Coombs are human sera containing incomplete antibodies.

With the ID-Card Coombs Anti-IgG

The antibody anti-PP1Pk, previously known as anti-Tja is in fact a mixture of anti-P + P1 + Pk. Cells which fail to react with this antibody are more correctly described as having the p phenotype. This phenotype is very rare in most parts of the world though a little more common in Japan and Sweden. It can be important as individuals with the p phenotype develop a naturally occurring anti-PP1Pk, which has been implicated in both severe transfusion reactions and hemolytic disease of the newborn, although rare. Antibodies directed against P and/or Pk antigens are associated with a high rate of spontaneous abortion.

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