ID-Antigen Profile III
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ID-Antigen Profile III

ABO and RhD compatible blood is used for transfusion. In certain cases, Rh phenotypes and the status of the Kell-System are also taken into account. Other blood group antigens are generally not considered. However, when a clinically significant antibody is present, appropriate antigen negative blood should be used. For such cases, the rapid availability of fully typed donor blood is of great advantage. The ID-System facilitates complete antigen profiling.

In the ID-Cards ID-Antigen Profile III, the first 2 microtubes contain neutral gel and the last 4, gel with polyspecific anti-human globulin (AHG):
the corresponding antibodies (ID-test sera, specially adapted for the ID-System) are added after the red cell suspension (in ID-Diluent 2).

ID-Card: M, N, S, s, Fya, Fyb (Id-n°: 50390)
Test serum ID-M, N, S, s, Fya, Fyb test sera (Id-n°: 45140)
Test serum ID-M, N, S, s, Fya, Fyb test sera (Id-n°: 45460)

M/N monoclonal antibodies

Cell lines:
M: LM110/140 (LM-1), N: 1422 C7
S/s/Fya/Fyb human antibodies

Pkg. size
Profiles or single test
1 x 12
12 profiles
6 x 1.4 mL
(Test sera Id-n°: 45140)
24 profiles
6 x 5 mL
(Test sera Id-n°: 45460)
~90 profiles
Ideal for automation