BRiCare Remote Support Software

BRiCare Remote Support Software


BRiCare provides a variety of cost-saving remote support functions for support departments when its applet is installed on a client system (any computer controlled instrument or a software product workstation). There are two main types of functionality:

  • Remote sessions with the client system – In a remote session, the Bio-Rad user views and takes control of the customer’s computer. BRiCare’s advantage here is its high level of Internet security and convenient workflow. Security is designed-in to meet the CLSI standard for Remote Access to Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Devices via the Internet.

  • Continuous monitoring and other extended features which display current instrument status information in the BRiCare web page. The BRiCare applet periodically collects data from the instrument software and operating system and securely sends it to the central BRiCare server. Information extracted from this data can be viewed by support personnel at any time.

  • BRiCare V1.7 is now available in combination with Maestro 2.18, IH-Com V4 and V5.0 for:
    - Banjo ID-Reader
    - Classic ID-GelStation
    - HemOS SPII - ID-System
    - Lyra MP-Reader
    - Saxo ID-Reader
    - Swing TwinSampler
    - Techno TwinStation
    - IH-1000
    - IH-500

  • BRiCare V1.7 is now available for:
    - ScanGel Reader
    - PR3100 MP-Reader
    - HemOS SPII - ScanGel
    - TANGO optimo (US version, with external special BRiCare PC)
    - TANGO optimo (internal PC used as BRiCare PC)
    - TANGO infinity (internal PC used as BRiCare PC)

For further information please contact your local sales representative.